What is a Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree (MSHR)?

A Master’s in Human Resources Management degree allows human resources professionals to attain higher levels of management in their profession. Over recent years, the role of human resource management has expanded greatly. It has become an integral part of the planning process for most organizations’ future financial goals. Human resource professionals who wish to expand their role with current employers or who seek greater opportunities in the employment market can use a Master’s in Human Resource Management degree to improve their marketability and improve their career.

Masters in Human Resources Management DegreeMaster’s in Human Resources Management Degree programs generally include core management courses in areas such as:

  • finance
  • accounting
  • legal issues
  • regulatory controls
  • organizational behavior
  • technological issues in management

In addition, specific courses in employment law, training issues, policies and procedures, compensation systems and comprehensive human resources planning are covered. Other courses include economics, strategic staffing and labor relations. Most programs offer the ability to tailor studies to the needs of your individual career path. Most schools require a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite for the program. Some may require that the degree be in human resources or related field. Schools that do not require a bachelor’s degree may require information about previous coursework and work experience. Tuition can be up to $775 per credit or more. To learn about some of the best undergraduate degrees in HR, be sure to check out Top 25 Best Affordable Bachelor’s in Human Resources Degree Programs 2014.

How To Find The Best Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree

The best Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree programs are offered at institutions that have a reputation for quality education in business subjects. The best schools offer a wide range of management subjects, as well as focused concentrations on particular human resources issues that typically arise in the course of HR professionals’ employment. The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Berkeley are known for their human resources programs. These schools are among the highest ranking institutions in the country. University of Pennsylvania also offers a Master’s in Human Resource Management program in an online format. The best online Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree programs will offer practical applications of coursework, with easy access to instructors should further assistance be needed. They will also offer a way to interact with other online students to share information. Online learning may require strict adherence to the program’s scheduling and a commitment to keep up with coursework. Students considering online programs should always research the institution carefully to ensure that they are fully accredited.

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Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree Careers and Salaries

Professionals that hold a Master’s in HR Management Degree are qualified for careers at the upper level of management in a variety of organizations. Master’s in Human Resources Management Degree careers may include human resource directors, placement managers, benefits manager, labor relations manager or international resource manager. Training and recruiting positions are also possible. Continuing education is often required for human resource managers to keep up with changing employment laws and regulations.

Master’s in Human Resources Management degree salaries can range from $41,000 to $91,000 or more. Salaries can vary from industry to industry and in various areas of the country. Large corporations tend to pay on the higher end of the scale than smaller companies. With the expanding role of HR managers in today’s business environment, those with a Master’s in Human Resources Management degree can expect more opportunities to open up in the future.