Top 50 Websites for HR Professionals

The profession of human resources is one of the most complicated in the business world. Businesses are comprised of people, the management, recruitment, dismissal, payment, and dispute management of which falls on the shoulders of the HR professionals. There are many resources for those professionals, including associations that advocate for them and offer professional development opportunities and resources, publications that feature innovative research articles, blogs from experienced human resources professionals, and conferences perfect for everything from networking to sharing and learning new strategies and ideas. This resource guide lists prominent resources of this kind available to HR professionals around the globe.


North American Human Resource Management Association: The North American Human Resource Management Association represents over 300,000 HR managers and the interests of the profession as a whole while also providing support and resources such as professional development programs.

National Human Resources Association : The National Human Resources Association was originally founded to support its members and advance the field of human resources and HR professionals by providing members with professional networking and career development opportunities.

Society for Human Resource Management: The Society for Human Resource Management is one of the largest HR management associations in the world with more than 250,000 members in 140 countries. SHRM serves the needs of human resources managers and the interests of the HR industry.

Professionals in Human Resources Association: The Professionals in Human Resources Association is a California based association serving the needs of the over 170,000 HR employees in the state, very few of which are represented by any national association.

World Federation of People Management Associations: The World Federation of People Management Associations is a global organization designed to bring together HR professionals that are members of various national associations.

American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration: The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration is the premier society representing the unique interests of healthcare HR professionals.


Human Resource Management International Digest: Human Resource Management International Digest is a publication that collects some of the best articles to do with HR management and brings it all together in one package.

Membership in the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration: Membership in the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration gains you access to HR Pulse Magazine, a quarterly journal covering cutting edge avancements in practice and research on healthcare industry HR.

The International Journal of Human Resource Management: The International Journal of Human Resource Management prides itself on being the top journal on the market for human resource management scholars and practitioners.

Human Resource Management Review:The Human Resource Management Review publishes scholarly articles, including research driven, conceptual and theoretical articles covering many of the major fields of Human Resources Management.

Journal of Human Resources: Published by the Wisconsin University Press, the Journal of Human Resources a quarterly journal that publishes scholarly papers based on rigorous empirical study.

HRM The Journal: HRM The Journal was started by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne with the goal of facilitating the dissemination of collaborative research about people at work and what management techniques are the most effective.

Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is one of the premier journals in the business bridging research and practice and features thought provoking articles on innovative strategies and methods for the human resources management profession.

Workforce Magazine: Workforce Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to sharing the most successful and innovative HR trends and tools you need to benefit your business.

HR Magazine: HR Magazine is a publication of the Society for Human Resource Management and strives to be a quality resource for HR employees of all levels.

International Public Management Association Publications: Members of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources gain access to its publications including HR News Magazine, Public Personnel Management, and HR Bulletin, all of which serve the HR community in distinct ways.

Human Resource Executive Online: Human Resource Executive Online is an online magazine devoted to providing HR executives with top notch coverage of strategic issues of which any HR executive should be aware.

Human Resources Management Journal: The Human Resources Management Journal is a scholarly journal that seeks to advance and support the understanding of both practitioners and academics in the HR field.

The HR Director: The HR Director is an independent strategic publication in the HR field. The Magazine is devoted to keeping HR directors and senior managers informed on advancements within the field.

International Journal of Human Resource Studies: The International Journal of Human Resource Studies is a quarterly, internationally refereed journal published with the aim of promoting new techniques and enhancing current techniques and methodologies within the HR industry.

Research Organizations

Human Resources Research Organization: The Human Resources Research Organization is a non-profit consulting firm and research center that bridges the gap between for profit consulting and non-profit human resources applied research.

Center for Human Resources Research: The Center for Human Resources Research is an academic human resources research lab at Ohio State University’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences that utilizes a multidisciplinary research approach to the HR field.

Human Resources Research Institute: The Human Resources Research Institute is a faculty/exuctive partnership program from the University of Minnesota. The research partnership is comprised of faculty from the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies and major industry executives, these esteemed members of the HR community strive to produce quality, relevant research for the advancement of the industry.

Human Resource Research Center: The Human Resource Research Center resides in the Department of Management at the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida and exists for the purpose of scientifically advancing the field of human resources through empirical research.


Evil HR Lady: Evil HR Lady posts articles featuring her thoughts and musings on HR issues, often with real life examples, and also answers questions from and provides advice to HR professionals and people seeking guidance in dealing with their HR department. Human Resources Blog: This blog deals with various aspects of the HR industry from giving advice on how to advance your HR career, to dealing with different types of situations and employees.

Mr. HR: Mr. HR posts advice about the ins and outs of the HR industry and how to successfully carry out the many varied responsibilities of an HR manager, from treating recruitment candidates right, to instructing employees on proper health and safety measures such as not coming in sick to avoid spreading the sickness to other employees.

Systematic HR: Systematic HR is a blog located on the point at which HR and technology intersect. The blog deals primarily with HR technology and innovations, keeping its readers up to date on the technology available and the best practices involved with its usage.

HR Bartender: HR Bartender is the blog of Sharlyn Lauby, an HR professional turned consultant. Sharlyn shares her insights on HR, but also on the workplace in general, and how to create the sort of culture necessary for a company’s success.

HR Minion: This is a light hearted blog about the experiences and insights of a lower level HR employee. HR Minion embraces some of the zany aspects of the field and shares some unorthodox opinions on ways to get things done around the workplace.

HR Hero: HR Hero is an collection of blogs from different authors all dealing with the employment law side of the HR business.

HR Ringleader: HR Ringleader strives to help HR employees think outside the box in every aspect of the business, from innovating HR-Employee-Client relationships, to giving advice on making presentations more interesting.

Lean HR Blog: Lean HR Blog posts interesting anecdotes that aptly illustrate the author’s points about the world of HR and provide HR employees and managers with a variety of important perspectives.

Tim Sackett’s Blog: This is a blog about an HR professional, his family, and mostly, HR itself. Tim Sackett is an HR veteran with 18 years of experience. His blog is devoted to imparting his collected wisdom to his colleagues.

No Excuses HR: No Excuses HR is all about helping its readers take action, enabling them to change the workplace and company for the better by not putting off difficult decisions and dealing with important problems as they arise instead of allowing them to pile up.

Kimberly Roden: Kimberly Roden is a 25 year HR veteran turned consultant and her blog shares her valuable insights with HR professionals in every aspect of the industry.

Lance Haun: Lance Haun is a community director for ERE Media and a seven year HR veteran with an innovative perspective and the desire to share his insights and strategies with less experienced HR employees and managers.

Lisa Rosendahl: Lisa Rosendahl is a long time leader in the HR community, a writer with over 20 years of HR experience, her valuable insights are shared on her blog in addition to speaking at conferences and communicating her wisdom through other various mediums.

The HR Daily Advisor: The HR Daily Advisor is considered by many to be one of the most unique HR resources available. This blog features free daily updates on news and advice as well as providing daily tips to HR professionals around the world.


The Annual Employee Engagement Conference: The Annual Employee Engagement Conference is a venue for the sharing of innovative and relevant strategies for keeping employees engaged and content that can be applied across industries.

Academy of Human Resource Development: The Academy of Human Resource Development holds international conferences every year in a variety of locations addressing many of the most relevant issues in the field today.

ATSD’s International Conference and Exposition: ATSD’s International Conference and Exposition is a massive conference dealing with a wide range of topics to do with global human resource development, leadership development and more.

The Annual HR Directors Business Summit: The Annual HR Directors Business Summit is the premier event for HR directors with a heavy emphasis on some of the most challenging issues facing the leaders of the HR industry.

The Global HR People and Strategy: The Global HR People and Strategy conference is devoted to helping attendees flesh out some of the most difficult aspects of the job, primarily change management, optimizing the global labor market, and managing connectivity and energy.

International Performance Improvement Conference: The International Performance Improvement Conference focuses on performance improvement strategies and innovations to advance an aspect of HR integral to the success of any company.

Social Recruiting Strategies Conference: The Social Recruiting Strategies Conference focuses down on one of the most important aspects of HR for the success of any company but especially large ones, which is recruiting the right people for the right positions.

Southwest HR Conference: The Southwest HR Conference is the largest held in the United States every year featuring world renowned speakers exceptional workshops and networking opportunities all with an emphasis on professional development and invaluable networking.

Annual HR Technology Conference: The Annual HR Technology Conference has grown every year since its inception and is the one conference with an uncomprimising focus on the intersection of HR and technology.

Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resource Management: The Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resource Management boasts a stellar lineup of keynote speakers addressing all aspects of the industry and hundreds of professional development sessions.

California HR Conference: The California HR Conference is focused on the unique challenges faced by HR managers in the state of California but also features many general sessions and expositions valuable to HR managers regardless of location.